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A to Z Fundraising

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Auction a day off! Or a preferred parking spot! Hold a verbal or silent auction and the top bidder receives the prize. You can hold an online auction through eBay.

Bingo Night everyone pays for their Bingo Cards, the winners get a prize which could be a donation or a cash prize.

Car Washing Day organise a day of car washing, with help from friends and family or set one up in your street.

Dinner Party Hold a ‘Come Dine with Me’ or ‘Ready Steady Cook’ style dinner party and ask your guests to pay a small entrance fee.

EBay - register with Mission Fish and you can opt to donate the proceeds or part of the proceeds of a sale to PKD.

Family Clear out- Get with family members to donate something that you can sell through an online auction site, at a car boot or garage sale.

Guess Whose Childhood Ask staff to bring in a childhood photo. Pin the photos to a notice board and create an answer sheet. Everyone pays £5 for their blank answer sheet and tries to guess the name for each photo. A prize is awarded to the winner.

Hold a ‘sponsored silence’ at work or school. It’s amazing how much money people are prepared to give for some peace and quiet!

Ink Cartridges Recycle them in one of our recycling envelopes or have one of our boxes in your workplace. Just contact PKD for recycling envelopes and boxes.

Jumble Sale Have a clear out at home or get colleagues to bring in their unwanted goods and hold a jumble sale at your local community centre.

Karaoke Evening You could raise money by voting for the best singer, (or the worst!).

Leave some PKD collection tins at home, or your workplace, it’s amazing how quickly those pennies can add up.

Mobile Phones Recycle them in one of our recycling envelopes and PKD will receive a cheque in return.

Neighbours You could knock on a few doors and see if there are any small jobs which need doing. E.g. window washing, garden tidying etc.

Organise a Dress Up/Dress Down/Fancy Dress/Pyjama Day For a small donation all staff members can wear something out of the ordinary for the day. You could even chose a dressing up theme.

Putting Competition Promote the contest in advance and sell tickets for chances to putt. Solicit donations for prizes for hole-in-one shots.  Add a draw for an added twist!

Quiz Night Organise one at your local pub. You can ask the pub to donate a percentage of the takings to PKD Charity.

Race Night Hold a Race Night in your local pub. You could do this yourselves or pay for a compare for the evening for added authenticity.

Sponsored activities you could hold a Swim, Bike Ride, Bungee Jump Head Shave... in fact anything you can think of.

Try a collection with a twist Place a jam jar in each department. Drop change in jars to compete against other departments or classes. Pennies are worth positive points, silver coins and notes are worth negative points. ‘Sabotage’ the other jars by dropping silver in them.

Unwanted gifts Have a collection from your friends, family and colleagues. You could then list them on EBay or use them for prizes in a raffle.

Valet service You could offer to clean cars for your family, friends and colleagues for a small fee.

Welly Wanging Hold a competition to see who can throw the furthest. Big wellies for adults and little wellies for children! Everyone pays to enter and the winner gets a prize.

Xmas Fair/Easter Fair/Summer Fete Hold a themed fete with various stalls. These could include Tombola, Cake Stall, Raffle, Toys, Books and Bric a Brac etc.

Youth Club Get your local Youth Club involved and see how much money they can raise by holding a Sponsored Silence.

ZZZZzzzz’s…………Get your children involved and hold a Sponsored Sleepover.

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