Dialysis Commissioning Proposals - Victory for Patient Power

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February 2015

Positive result following consultation on changes to dialysis commissioning in England

Thanks to patient power and sensible inputs from nephrologists and GPs, NHS England has delayed making changes to the way that dialysis is commissioned in England - at least until April 2016.

We thank you all for rallying to this cause: by writing to your MP, signing petitions, tweeting, completing the consultation survey and contacting us to give your support.

NHS England concluded that 'there was clearly widespread concern that a transfer date of 1 April 2015 was not feasible for a safe and effective transfer of commissioning responsibilities for renal dialysis services'... 'and decided not to transfer commissioning responsibility for renal dialysis services in April 2015'.

However, they did not abandon entirely their plan to transfer commissioning responsibility to Clinical Commissioning Groups and are re-considering the evidence.

What will happen next?

NHS England has undertaken to engage with the key stakeholders (including ourselves). However, in our opinion, they will continue to favour a transfer to CCGs. So we will stay in touch will the other kidney charities, doctors and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the voice of PKD patients is heard in the debates and discussions to come.

Download the Department of Health Response to the consultation for more details on the NHS decision.