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0300 111 1234


0300 111 1234

PKD Charity Logo

Using the PKD Charity logo

Thank you so much for wishing to use our PKD Charity logo. 

With our prior approval, you can use our logo on websites, posters, presentations, email signatures, and all other communications materials.

Please email us with proofs of any materials using PKD Charity logos for approval.

Our logo guidelines are:

Making changes

We like our logo just how it is, so  please don’t alter or redraw it in any way.

Logo exclusion zone

Please leave space around the logo and keep it clear of any other graphics.

PKD Charity colours

Our core brand colours are a bold and lively purple and green.


  • Pantone: Purple C
  • CMYK: 40%, 85%, 0%, 0%
  • RGB: #A5439C (165, 67, 156)


  • Pantone: 382 C

  • CMYK: 30%, 0%, 100%, 0%,

  • RGB: #C1D82C (193, 216, 44)

Applying our logo

The PKD Charity logo is a bright colour, so where possible add it on a white background.

Download our fundraising logo