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0300 111 1234

Take part in a study

Take part in a research study

See below current opportunities to take part in research and other studies into polycystic kidney disease and related topics.

Chronic Pain Study
Link to chronic pain study

Two in three people with ADPKD have chronic, often disabling pain, caused mostly by visceral pain from polycystic kidneys.

ADVANTAGE is a major new research study looking deeper into the causes of chronic visceral pain with the aim of finding better pain relief treatment.

Complete this short questionnaire about your experience of chronic visceral pain - you’ll not only be able to ‘rate’ your pain but mark-up exactly where pain is felt with an easy to use virtual body map.

You can also answer questions on other types of visceral pain you have, for example, from the gut, uterus, and bladder.

If no studies are showing, please contact us if you are interested in taking part in future studies. Your data will be kept securely and only used to contact you about projects that might be of interest.

Thank you for supporting our work

Your donation means we can fund vital PKD research.