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Matthew Smart

Matthew takes on the London Marathon for PKD

Matthew Smart is one of two lucky runners to receive a PKD Charity place in this year's Virgin London Marathon.

Here, Matthew tells us about his reasons for running for PKD:

"My reasons for running  the London 2018 Marathon for the PKD Charity …… Where would you like me to start?!

I have PKD, along with my mum, sister with my niece also recently diagnosed. My maternal Grandma and one of my maternal Aunt’s  had PKD. Both tragically passed away in their mid-forties with conditions directly related to their PKD condition.

A second maternal aunt, had a kidney transplant before the age of 45 caused by her PKD condition. Up stepped another maternal aunt, who didn’t have the condition but wanted to help her sister by donating one of her own healthy kidneys to help improve her younger sister’s quality of life. My aunt who received her sisters kidney is now doing well but it brings me sadness to say my aunt who donated her healthy kidney has since passed away (but not as a consequence to the kidney transplant procedure itself).

Being a father to an 11yr old daughter, I’m now concerned I have passed down my condition.

If and when my daughter is tested for the condition and it’s found she does have PKD, I would like to ensure sufficient progress has been made with research to ensure both my daughter and niece have the best chance of avoiding dialysis or a transplant later in life.

I’m pleased to say my own PKD condition doesn’t impact my physical wellbeing and I’m in relatively good health.

This will be my first ever marathon and as you have read PKD has directly impacted my family in a big way. When it came to running on behalf of a charity, there was no question that I would like to raise as much money and awareness as I possibly can for the PKD Charity.

If you'd like to support Matthew by donating to his fundraising, you can find all the details here.

Inspired to run for PKD? We do have places in other great runs this year. Find out more today.

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